Henry A. Smith to Family

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New Baltimore VaNov 6th 1862Dear Mother Sisters and Brothers

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I received both your letters in due time but have not had time to answer them A detach ment of the regt left Alexan dria the 15th Oct have been scouting most ever since we expect to return to Camp soon We had a little skirmish at Thoroughfare gap yesterday we advanced to within one mile of Warrenton where we found the rebel pickets drove them in and held the position about two hours with 81 men when about 200 of them charged on the outposts and drove them in to the reserve here we held our ground a short time when the Lieut in command discover ed two bodies of Cavl coming

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in on our right and left flanks then of course we were obliged to retreat and we done so as fast as our horses could carry us turning occasionaly and giving them a pill from our Carbines their horses were fresh and ours were tired out by hard marches and they were gaining on us at a rapid rate my horse was most tuckered out and as far to the rear as any of them I turned in my saddle and saw the old grey backs only a rod or two behind hollowing halt halt you yankee son of a bitch I just got over the top of a little hill as an old Shell came squealing over our heads and the yells were stoped all of a sudden. I dont like the sound of a Shell but that time it sounded good

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I will write more when I get where I can I shall be glad to get my box Send me a dollar in your next letter The boots did not cost any more than I expected I will write again as soon as I can my health is first rate I must close now by biding you good bye

FromH A SmithNov 11th

I have not had a chance to send my letter yet and dont know when I shall We are near Hopewell gap now have been scouting as far as Snickersville. I never came so near being taken as I did the 5th near Warrenton three of our company were taken there a Sergeant and two Priv ates a number others were taken from our regt and the 1st Michigan I presume my box is at Camp and I shall get it when we return I have not had

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a letter from Father yet but expect one about the 20th I should think the best way would be to sell the Oxen if you let them go and do the work with the Steer not buy another yoke It will be a good plan for you to have a horse and wagon I think Winslow done first rate with the Check. We have had lots of honey to eat since we have been out here and lots of mutton geese turkeys chicken and eggs. A place by the name of Haymarket was burned to ashes a few days ago by some of Sigels men because the pickets were fired at by a citizen of that place Secesh will suffer this winter I will send this letter as soon as I can you must write oftener if you dont hear from me When I get my box I will let you know

good bye fromH A Smith