Henry A. Smith to Clarissa A. Smith

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Peach Grove June 2nd 1863Dear Mother

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I received your letter of May 24th in due season also two papers I was glad to hear from you and to hear that you are all well The boys have done a large springs work more than I should thought they could done I should thought they would needed help geting out the manure and sowing the grain Our regt have had another fight with Mosby don't know how many men he had nor how many our men had I am going to tell the story as I heard it Mosby tied a wire to a rail on the tra ck having pulled out all the spikes hid in the woods and waited for the cars just before the engine got

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to the loose rail they pulled it away and the train ran off the trac k then they brought up a 14 pound Howitser and shot a ball throug h the boiler of the engine the report of the gun was heard in the camp and a detachment of the 5th Ny Cav and 1st Vt went to look them up the 5th Ny came on to them and charge d on them three times without breakin g their lines then our regt charged and sent them skedaddleing captured the 14 pound gun 5 men that mann ed it and a Captain It would be a good plan for you to buy on some more pastureing I am willing you should invest my money in land I sho ould like to have you do so If you can get the land for a reasonable price. how many acres are there and what is their price per acre if you have a chance to get it at a reasonable price dont let it slip you must excuse my short letter

I am well So Good bye H A Smith