William Wirt Henry to John Henry

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Camp Advance, VAnear Chain BridgeOct 8th 1861Brother John

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Mary Jane writes that Father has got the “blues” again and is bound to fail, &c &c Now about buying him out. I think if you can do it, it is the best thing can be done. He is never satisfied. I am willing for you to make as good a trade as you can with him and am not afraid to risk my interest in your hands. Eli, I hardly know what to say of him. He is a good fellow but I am afraid he would not make a good “partner” after all. I believe you and I can manage it all alone just as well as to take him in Co. and continue to hire him by the year. If Father will sell his interest to us for $10,000 Dollars and give us five years

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to pay it in, we can do it with any kind of luck, but I leave it all for you to manage and I will agree to anything you think for the best. Everything remains as when I last wrote from here. Have you got the money of Lieut Hoyt yet? We know nothing about what the plans for the future are, but believe from the appearance of things that we are to winter somewhere a little South of here in Va. If I do not get a better place before long I shall have to resign for I am not going to be able to do hard, exposed, picket duty all winter and there is no use for me to try - but if I can be Quartermaster I think I can go it. My health is better than when I left Waterbury but yet I am not tough yet. Write me all the news as soon as you get this.

Your affectionate brother.William

Give my love to Josie and the “little ones”