William Wirt Henry to John Henry

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Camp Griffin near LewinsvilleOct. 12th 1861My Dear wife,

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Yours of the 9th came last night and in good time to for I was feeling pretty bad. The last I wrote you we were about to advance well we did advance that day out here about five miles from Chain bridge and a beautiful place it is too. Day before yesterday I had charge of one hundred men out chopping and I eat a lot of chestnuts and they made me sick and yesterday morning I took a Hibbards Pills and today I feel pretty mean but am in hopes to feel better tomorrow. My belley aches pretty bad yet but I guess “camp fare” and Hibbards Pills will settle it. I was a little supprised to hear John had traded with Father

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quite so quick but I suppose he had to trade while he was in the “humor” I am a little astonished also to find he took Eli in partner and that he did not devide with me. but I suppose it is all right for him to do just as he thinks best. If I am not a great deal better, and I do not get to be Quartermaster I shall resign before I am a month older. If you have not sent the letter to John that I sent you to give him you need not do it now. If Pitkin does not get to be Quartermaster Genl. you may look for me, and my good little wife I hope he wont get it for I am ready to go home now. I have seen about as much of “Patriotism”

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as I care to see. And if I was well back there I would stay there and get a “little room somewhere and darling I think you and I would manage to get along somehow dont you?

Mollies grand letter did me a great deal of good. tell her to write again. I expect a good long letter from you and Katie soon. Now darling you must excuse me for not writing a longer letter to day for my head aches and I do not feel well. The sick are all doing well - most of them are up around. Lieut. Gregg and Frank Carpenter especially the Capt. has got well again. Excuse this short letter until I feel better.

Yours as everWilliam