William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp Griffin VaNov 4th 1861My Good Wife

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I am here yet and am likely to be for a few days yet. It takes a long time for the “big bugs” at Washington to sign three or four names - that was all that was necessary when my papers went to W. was to have “three” names signed to them. and tomorrow will be a week since they went. Off course I am looking for them every hour and “longing” for the time when I shall once more set my face towards the land where dwells my “pets”.

Darling how little have we realized all the awful horrors of War, when we have read the history of greate Wars in other lands

It makes my heart bleed for our gallant “Green Mountain boys” when I see them have to turn out in such a night as the last was to go on “picket” without an overcoat or rubber blanket, as some of them did. It was an awful cold, dismal, rainy night. They all come up to me and say, “well Lieut. I am glad on your account that you are going home, but what is going to become of us? We cannot part with you. they all want I should wait until

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after “pay day” and take home money for them - if my papers do not come until about the tenth of the month I shall waite for they will get paid off by the fifteenth I think. they owe me considerable and I want to get it. Frank Atkins has got his papers and will probably leave for home tomorrow. There is no news here to write about the “Army” for they have been doing nothing at all here but “Drill” for the last ten days. they are waiting to hear from the “great Naval expedition”.

Tell my good sister Katie that I saw “Fanny” yesterday and that Dr. Janes was going to let me have a good Horseback ride when the boy said that “Fanny had got a bad cough and had not eat her Corn and was sick” so I did not have the pleasure of a fine gallop on her back. I think you better write me a few words once more and if I do not get them there will not be much harm done, for I cannot stand it, not to hear from you often. All the boys here are doing first rate. If I have to waite long I will write you again.

Yours as everWilliam