William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp Griffin VaJany 22nd 1862My good wife

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I am still with the boys were at the Camp and am having a good nice visit - Capt. Dillingham has gone back to Brattleboro to take his new postition as Maj, the boys are feeling better than they did when I wrote you before. The Lieut. Col. has recomended Lieut Johnson of the Castleton Co for Captain. He is one of the best Lieut’s in the Regt. and the boys are very well satisfied with him, when they found out they could not get me. I hated to see the Co. pass into other hands, but was satisfied that it would not do for me to attempt it under all the circumstances. I had not forgot what I promised you – darling one. The boys are having a very uncomfortable time just now, for the mud is over shoe deep all over the Camp. I do not think there is any danger of mooving very soon – in fact it is impossible to moove until it freezes up. Henry Daniels James Dramond and Jim Godfrey are the only ons sick in our Co., and they are not bad at all. The Regt have lost 28 by death in all – the other Regts. are getting better now as they

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become used to the climate. Ed Wells is over here every day. He is looking first rate, but is not satisfied at all with his place. Rice the leader of the Band, he says used them mean. He wants something else better or go home. All but the leader have applied for a discharge and I belive they will get it soon, and Ed will go home. I hope so for his sake and friend Martha’s. Ed is a good fellow. My Elixer has not got along yet, expect it is in Washington and that I shall get some to night when the Suttler gets up from the city. I am going to sell lots of it if there is anything in appearances. I have been visiting all the time since I got here and have had a grand time. Tell Sister Katie to write me a good long letter and tell me all about the ride and all the other important news. You must write often. I think you better direct Wm W Henry Co D. 2nd Regt Vt I Wash. and I shall get them quicker than to have them go to care Barr & Co. No more news this time

Yrs as everWilliam