William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp Griffin VaFeb 3rd 1862My good darling wife

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I did not hear a word from you until last Saturday when I got your letter directed to the Co (D) and Sunday Bi and Ed Wells came over from the 5th when Bi brought me the one you wrote first directed to care Barr & Co. So you see I got the last first, which would make it appear that it was the best way to send to the Co.

It is useless to say I was glad to hear from you for you well know I was business has not been very brisk since I wrote you last, for it is almost impossible to get about on account of the mud - it is really awful. Yesterday it froze a little and this morning there is about three inches of Snow on the ground which all hail as a great blessing for we can get out of our tents and walk around without wading. I have not done half as much as I should had it been good getting about, but then if it had not been muddy the army would have made an advance long ago, but it is impossible now. There is nothing new to write about here, for nothing new happens - it is the same thing day in and day out. I am living

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with Dr. Carpenter now - have got a good bed - board with “our mess” and live as well as they do at the “American Hotel” in Burlington - daytimes I walk around the mud to see the Suttlers of the different Regts go and see Dr Janes and Ed Wells occasionally, and evenings go to Col. Stannards tent and play “Euchre” until bed time. So you see, I am not having a very hard time off it and all things considered am doing well. My health is better than when I left home. You may be sure I will take good care of myself. Bi is living with Ed Wells and works in the Suttlers of the 5th. Co. D boys feel a little better than they did, but they think it was a little mean in me that I did not go in for Capt. You must write often tell my little Mollie to be a good girl and Papa will fetch her something nice how I would like to have a good play with her. I guess about 3 weeks more will satisfy me and I shall be ready to go home. Enclosed I send you five Dollars to help you along with. Write often.

Yours as everWilliam