William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp Griffin VaFeb 9th 1862My Darling wife

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Yours of the 2nd was recd Friday a'nd was just in time to keep me from having the blues, for we have had another week of mud and rain, and I must say I do not like it much. The boys of the Second are having a very good time for the mud is so deep they cannot drill, so all they have to do is go on picquet once in five days, and the balance of the time study the tactics. Capt Johnson has taken command of Co D and the boys like him well, and I believe they will get along first rate together. Lieut. Gregg is 2nd yet. A Sergeant of the Montpelier Co is 1st Lieut. in my place. They do not like him at all, but perhaps they will by and by. Holden, Daniels and Russell are in the Hospital, but not very sick. Some of them will get a discharge soon I think. Frank Carpenter has got well and is looking better than I ever saw him before. On the whole they are looking better than the same number of men would look in Vt. I am getting along nicely, health tip top, have gained about fifteen pounds I should think.

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I shall get home in time to go to some of those good singing schools. Ned Wells was over here yesterday and wanted I should wait and go home with him as he feels quite certain that Band will be discharged on the first of March. If I think they will go then probably I shall wait for him as it will not be long: to the first of March. I guess Martha hopes it will be so too. He would like to see her some, I reckon - so should I, but after all I think I would not feel bad to be with you to night and hear my little "pet” talk to her papa, - do take the best kind of care of her wount you. I still live with Dr. Carpenter and we get along nicely. Dr. C. wants to know what Humphrie’s wife's name is, the one that was at Sibs wedding. He thinks he is acquainted with her - find out what it used to be and write me. I saw Dr.Janes or see him most every day. He gets along finely. He has lost less than any other Surgeon in the Army. He is liked much - business is not quite so good as it was, for lots of the boys are out of money already. Write twice a week all the news.

Yours as everWilliam