William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp BradleyAug 18th 62My Darling

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I received your letter written Sunday, this afternoon. I am glad to hear you are so brave, and getting along so well. I cannot tell yet where I am going to be. I am under pay now, acting as Adjutant to the 11th Regt. the Adjt is a Mr. Curtis of Burlington who has not arrived yet. I am expecting every moment to get my appoint as Major in one of the Regts but I have to be patient and wait the motion of these "big men” I supposed I should know

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before to night certain but it has not come yet. I shall start for home just as soon as I can with safety, you may be sure, for I am very anxious to see you all especially the "soldier". I will let you know all about it as I progress. I am doing well now acting as Adjt for it gives me a good chance to show myself. I think there is no doubt of my being a Maj. which is worth working pretty hard for, as it is a place I never expected to get. Continue to be brave and good and I will be with you soon. tell Katie to write me.

As EverWilliam