William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp Grover Md (Offutts X Roads) Sunday evening Nov 30th 62 My good wife

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You will get this about Thanksgiving day, and from all I can see now it will be all you will see of me there on that day. It costs me the heartache some to give it up, but still I am a soldier and must submit. I think I will try it again before long and perhaps I will have better luck next time. by that time it will be so I can say what day I want you to start for you must come here if I cannot go there, but it is real mean that I cannot be with you Thanksgiving for it would be so good to all be together again once more. what a singular life has been mine since I was sixteen years of age - if I keep on until I am fifty I think I shall be able to write quite a big book of my travels through the world. I hope though when this is over I can rest quiet for awhile.

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I want you should write me all the particulars about Delia. what the Dr is doing, also Frank Wiley and Bettie. she forgot to write me I guess. I also want the particulars of Capt. Dillinghams getting home - what he says and does – also Georges big stories - what they all say about me. &c. &c. I have been Field officer of the day and have been in the saddle most all day and am tired tonight and cannot write you as good a letter as I want too for my Sunday night letter, so you will have to excuse me this time and like enough I will write a better one in the middle of the week. Capt. Dillinghams Co with two others have gone out to Rockville (about six miles) to keep some of the Marylanders quite in regard to the draft. the Provost Marshal was afraid they were going to stand out and resist being drafted. I guess the boys will like the fun of driving them into the work, for I am sorry to say more than one half of the inhabitants of this part of Maryland are “secesh” although they all profess to be union.

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I am getting most vexd at Katie Parker, for I think she has forgotten her promise very quick Ask her what is the matter. I shall never write to her again unless she does to me. I want a letter from somebody every mail and if no one else is going to write you will have to write darling twice a week. I thought my friend Sarah Wells was going to write me, but I see plainly they all forget me but my blessed good little wife! Bill Deal and :Lige Seabury arrived here two days since, Bill is living with me now as my boy - and is all right Lige is at work for the Sutler. Justin did not march with the company but is taking care of Corporal Marshall who is sick with Fever but not very bad. Justin is thought very much of by the Col. tell Willie Hutchins people that he is doing first rate, and is tough and healthy - (the wind blew the tent against my elbow on that last word) All the Waterbury boys are first rate. Charley Crossett makes one of the very best soldiers in the Regt. Kiss my darling little Mollie. do let her write her papa - good night.

As ever your loving husband William