William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp in the field at the foot of South Mountain on the Hagerstown pikeTuesday Eve July 7th 1863 Dear Wife

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Your letter of the 2nd came in tonight. If Mr Dwight of Barre writes any more about the county committee business you can say to him that just now I have got other business on hand and cannot stop to run county conventions but I hope they will nominate and vote for good union men and not pass any more resolutions like those that were passed by a set of men calling themselves Democrats a short time ago. Such men are just as good to the South as an Army, for it helps the leaders to keep up the delusion which they have always practiced on the lower class. Genl. Meads head quarters are just behind us now, at Fredrick. we expect part of his Army will cross the Mountain here tomorrow and there will be another big fight tomorrow or next day I

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think- do not know yet whether we will be left here or go on with the rest. This evening a capt. of the Vt. Cavalry came into our camp and is here yet. They are in camp just on the other side of the mountain from us about four miles off. He reports that they had a severe fight yesterday near Williamsport, and lost about one hundred in killed wounded and missing. Sergt. Dan Hill was killed. Henry Caldwell a Lieut now was wounded in the arm. this was all he could tell us anything about that we knew. Maj Wells fought like a Tiger and came off without a scratch. probably we shall see him tomorrow as they know now that we are here and they will be over here in the morning if they are not fighting. I hope to write you often so you may not get the blues. The Army consider that Lee is very badly Whipped and are in the best of spirits and if Lee gets away he

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will be lucky. We believe we shall totally use him up. Our boys are all first rate. guess the Rebs will not attack us to night for it is a very dark and rainy. Will write as soon as I get a chance. hope I can give you the particulars of a glorious victory next time-

Good night darling
As Ever William