William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Upperville Va. at "Ashbys Gap"Tuesday July 21st 1863My Darling wife,

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I did not get an opportunity to write you yesterday for we had a long hard march to make but this morning it is raining so we are waiting a little. You see we are working along down very fast and Lee will have to hurry up to get to Richmond ahead of us. The Vt. Cavalry camped here yesterday and I saw Maj Wells Charlie and all our boys. They are all first rate. Expect they will march this morning for "Manassas Gap" and we follow as soon as it clears up. Justin went back and I expect he has gone to Baltimore on a sick leave. He was threatened with fever. All the rest of us are first rate. do not hear from you yet. I see by the papers that Charlie is drafted. I think in the first

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place Surgeon Fales will not pass him and in the next place if he does pass him, he never will have to take the field for I believe the war is very near over, and that there are allready troops enough in the field to settle the ting completely, so Father had better not pay any three hundred dollars to get a "sub" The boys are very much pleased to see how it hit in Waterbury. Ben King, Luce and such fellows. We wish some of them had come, but if we are successful on this campaign the rebbellion is over certain. How funny it did not hit any of the boys at the shop.

I hope to get mail by to night and hear from you. oh darling, I lay night before last and watched the stars for many an hour, and thought of you. of katie, darling! of Katie Parker and all my good friends and oh how I wished to be

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with you, and see you. I could not sleep. How many hearts will be made glad when this war is well over. I think Katie P. ought to write me oftener. You would laugh if you could see me writing this letter. we are camped in a big meadow just back of upperville, have got a "fly tent" pitched and I am laying flat on my belly on my rubber blanket and writing my darling with a pencil. There is a rumor just arrived in camp that the mail carrier of the “third corps” has been taken prisoner with his mail, but I hope it is not true, for I must hear from you soon. Love to all

As ever William