William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp in the field near Warrenton VaJuly 30th, 1863My Dear wife

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Your letter of last Sabbath came to me to day. Only think of that, go four weeks with out a letter and then get them once in three days from you. I also got one from Ed from Sharon He said you was looking uncommonly well when he left. what a hard time mother must have of it taking care of Father. He probably will not stand it much longer. There is a rumor in camp today, that we are to moove tomorrow towards Fairfax C.H. and camp until the new men all get out, and I guess it is true. Our boys are having a grand time now resting and visiting the old Vt. Regts. boys all well and feeling good. Direct letters 1st Brig. 3rd Div. 3rd A.C. Washington D. C. They will be more apt to come quickl. My health never was better. No other news.

As Ever William.
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Tell my little precious Mollie that her papa will come and see her just as soon as the soldiers will let him, and fetch her something nice if she is a good girl.