William Wirt Henry to James Edwin Henry

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Head Quarters 10th Vt Camp in the field near Bealton Va.Sept 11th, 1863 Dear Brother Ed,

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Your welcom letter of Aug 31st from Chester N.Y. came duly to hand and I should have answered it before if I had not been busy. why dont Em write me a word once in a while? I never hear a word now of what is going on in the business or shop. tell John to stop that advts Dr. Childs name in connection with "Plantation Bitters" or he will make a big fuss about it soon for really it is hurting him. I had to go before the "Division Medical Director" a few days ago, and explain how his name come to be used as it was. I should like very much to have run that "Yorkstate trip" with you for there is lots of good fellows on it I am acquainted with. did you go up to "North Elba" and go fishing? We are having a quiet time here on the Rappahannock just now. nothing but picket

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and drill. We had a grand Review of the "Third Army Corps" last Monday and my Regiment was the largest and best one on the ground, and got noticed and praised by Genl. Mead himself. All went off very pleasantly. The boys felt proud and did well. Genl Morris has gone home on a visit and I am in command of the Brigade as ranking Officer. Guess I am good for it. I want to hear very much just how Father is. Mother must be having a very severe time and you must do all you possibly can to assist her, for she is one of the best mothers ever lived, and her last days ought to be spent in peace tell her I wish she would write me a word once in a while how Father is, and let me know if I can do any thing to assist her. There is no war news whatever here to write about. it seems to be our business to stand still while all the rest of the army is mooving. Justin got back about a week ago and has

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recovered his health and gone to work again like a man and acts like doing something. I told him if he got drunk and cut up any more he need not look to me to save him again. I have had to save him from being cashiered now three times and I think that is about as much as I can stand. Lieut Thompson is doing tip top as usual. All of "Co B" are all right off course. Stetson is doing finely now. The health of the Regt. is good now, though it has been bad since we came to this camp. I am glad to hear Capt Ed is doing well. we was afraid he would not live. Write often and tell me all the news.

As ever your brother William