William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th Vt Camp in the field near Culpepper Va.Sept 21st 1863 My Darling wife

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I have not had an opportunity to write you for the last few days for we have been on the march again. Last Tuesday afternoon we received orders to pack up and march immediatly which we did, and that night lay in the wet grass at "Freemans Ford". next morning crossed the River, on over Hazel River and camped that night near this place. Thursday moved up here. We are located about two miles from Culpepper on the "Pike to Sulphur Springs" which is north west of the town. I rode down and took a look at the village yesterday but it aint much to brag of still I did not see much

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of it for just as I got to looking around the Cars come in, and I discovered our paymaster, so had to go and pilot him to camp. He paid off the Regt. last night, took till one o'clock. The boys are all feeling good again with a pocket full of "Greenbacks". I shall send you some by Express tomorrow. I only had one months pay due (Aug) so I did not have much to take. we had a new paymaster this time, but did not like him. I will write you a word by Exp. tomorrow. The whole army of the Patomac have advanced to the "Rapidam" The probality is that we are not going to lay here but a few days; when we will make another grand advance.

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in the direction of Gordonsville where it is supposed the main body of Lee's Army is now encamped. The Cavalry have been fighting more or less every day since we commenced the move but haven’t seen a "Reb" except prisoners. We have had a very heavy rain storm, which will probably set us back a little, but if the Army of the Patomac are going to do anything more this fall they have got to do it very soon, for this big rain has stirred up the mud again and puts me in mind of Old "Camp Griffin" We think now we are to advance but as "Uncle Abe" has not asked my opinion, or told me his future plans for our welfare we may all be fooled yet, but we "cant see" what we

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are down here for if it is not to go "on to Richmond". I recd. a good long letter from you yesterday. Our mail you see follows us up. The Telegraph wires were up within an hour after we went into camp here. The Yankee" is an institution no doubt, hard to beat. The health of the Regt. is not so good as it was- several cases of diarrhea we had to send thirty of our men to Hospital at Washington when we marched, amongst them Geo Hubbard, but he was able to be up around but not able to march, Not very bad off. All the rest that you know are well. I stood it all first rate as usual. it beats all how I do stand everything. will try to write often again, until we take up the march. You keep on writing just the same.

As ever darling, your William