William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Sept 25th, 1863My Darling one

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There is not the first thing now to write but yet I must continue to drop you a line every day or two just to let you "All is quiet on the Rapidann" if nothing more. We remain as when I wrote you last. We expected a moove certain last night but it did not come. From all I can learn to day we shall take the "back track" within the next "thirty six hours" for it seems we are not to go to Richmond this way after all, but I probably can write you all the particulars by the next letter. I believe we shall fall clear back to Fairfax on the old line.

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I sent by Express this morning "one hundred" more to Father Beebe- dont ask any questions, or allow any one else to ask. You understand, but take good care of the money. guess I can send some more before long. I have been sitting on "Court Martial" all day and am tired, doing nothing hope we shall get the order to moove before tomorrow morning. Boys all well as usual. dont call this a letter only a note.

As Ever William