William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head qrs 10 VtCamp in the field nearPetersburgh Va.June 20th 1864My Darling wife

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I have just this moment read your letter of the 15th and am suprised to hear you did not receive my letters until that time It must have been a long time for you to wait for the particulars. Well I am glad you stood it so well and got them at last. This morning my hand was so much better I

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resolved to come back and try it again, and am now in command of the Regt. again. Lt Col Chandler has got most all the officers down on him since he has been in command – by the way he has managed I am glad that some of them have got enough of him. We are laying on the reserve in plain sight and about 1 ½ miles from Petersburgh - we hold one side of the city and the Johnnies the other. All are in the best of spirits

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day before yesterday the Regt. was under a severe shell fire, and seven of my men were hit but none serious. Lt Thompson was hit on the leg by a piece of shell but did not hurt him much - no other hit that you know.

Capt Dill will tent with me now Capt Frost is gone. You are right - it was a sad blow to me to loose my good friends Frost & Stetson I will write often now for we are promised to have a mail now every day.

As ever William