William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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3rd Div Hospitalcamp near PetersburghJune 25th 1864My blessed darling wife

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This is an awful hot day, but still I have mustered up courage enough to get up and write you a few lines just to let you know how we are getting along to day I am at the Hospital yet. Capt Dill. is here with his old complaint diarrhea but not very bad and Lt Thompson with a slight wound on the leg, and diarrhea. We all camp with Dr Rutherford

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and the Chaplain who take good care of all our boys that have to come back to the Div Hosptial. The Regiment is camped about ¾ of a mile from us at the front in the same position as when I wrote you last. All is very quiet along the lines at present but we all know that Genls Grant and Meade are up to some new dodge. Now my angel wife for the first time since I have been in

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the Army I have had a chance to know how much good the Sanitary and Christian Commissions are doing I should not have known it so well if I had not been wounded and had to remain here and see how things were going on I want you should give the Sanitary Commission ten dollars the first chance you have, or give it to Mr Parker and he will know what to do with it at once. They have done me twice that amount

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of good. I recd a little short letter from Eli yesterday which I was very thankful for, you can tell him and that like enough I will answer it tomorrow if my finger does not ache to bad. I think my finger is doing better again now, and this time I am going to keep quiet until my hand is fit for duty. There is a rumor that we are to entrench and remain where we are for a few days which I hope will prove true. I have got so I can hold the pencil up over my thumb and third finger and I find I can write better than before I am feeling very well to day but want a good letter from my darling wife very much.

As ever William