William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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“Camp Russell”near Winchester Va.Nov. 21st 1864My Dear wife

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Yours of the 15th came yesterday. We have been having a Review of the 6th Corps to day, it has rained all day. I have just got in wet and cold and am so cross that I am not going to try to write you a letter, but only say I am well, there is no news – and wait until next mail to write a letter and answer yours.

As everWilliam (over)

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11 oclock night of the 21st Well darling you will say what I wrote on the other side of this paper was rather cool I guess, and so it is but I had just come in all wet and cold and the mail boy said the mail was going out in five minutes, so I just wrote a few lines and sealed it up and left it laying on my table, but I soon got a good supper, have got a good warm fire and am dry and warm again, besides have been reading a good book all the evening called “Alone” by Miss Harland a Virginia lady, and as I stopped a moment

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since to fill my pipe I discovered your letter still lying on the table so have come to the conclusion to write you a few words more. The story I am reading I like first rate so far and if it holds as good to the end I will send it to you, for I think there is one fellow in it that talks very much like myself, and another that makes me think of you on almost every page. I find her using your own words very often

The grand old “sixth Corps” was reviewed to day by Genl. Sheridan, it rained all the afternoon

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and made it very disagreeable under foot, but yet it all went off very well. The General is looking tip top. I had the honor to command our Brigade. I have not moved to Brigade Head Qr. yet – but am waiting to see what is going to be done with Col Truax who is under arrest – a petition has gone up that he be restored to duty, and if he is he ranks me and will take command of the Brigade – and I hope he will for I do not care to have it after all for it is a “big responsibility” I had to laugh several times over your last letter, but will answer it next mail and tell you why. good night my blessed darling wife