William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Qrs 10th VtCamp near Weldon R.R. Va.Dec 10th 1864My blessed darling wife

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I have been sitting before my little fire for the last hour and thinking, Oh! so good about you, how good [you] are, how much I love you, and what a glorious good time we will have when I get home, that it has made me almost homesick, and that makes me vexed to think my papers do not get back so I can be on my way to you for I cannot stand it much longer to be away from my darling wife. Dr Hollman and the Corps Head Qrs have not got here yet from Washington, and I must wait I suppose until they do come. Yesterday the Regiment moved out to support the fifth Corps

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towards the left, and I have just heard they are out about eight miles. I did not go as I am excused by the Surgeon from all hard duty, so am left here in camp with all the sick lame and lazy one’s as a camp guard. I expect they will get back to night, but perhaps not as I have heard very heavy firing all day in the direction the fifth Corps have gone, and they may be have a big battle, which will keep them until tomorrow. They have had a miserable time of it so far for it commenced a little before dark last night to rain which soon turned into hail and sleet, and continued all night, and this morning the ground was covered about an inch deep with it – and I hear the boys had to lay out in all of it with[out]fires – it must have been awful. I have not received a mail yet and it must now be about twelve days I should think since I heard from you, the last was dated Nov 23rd. I will wait until the mail goes out this evening and see if I can tell you anymore news about the fight.

As everWilliam

9 oclock P.M.
The Regiment have got in all right did not have a fight. We move in the morning about one mile from here into “Fort Durham”.