Ira A. Marshall to William Wirt Henry

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Harrisons LandingVaJune l8/62Friend Henry

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I have just received your letter and hasten to answer it in hopes to receive another in return. I have not received the one that you wrote from Glens falls if I had I should have answered it we are encamped near James river at a place called Harrisons Landing about twenty miles from the place where we were before the battle it is in a bend of the river so that our gun boats can reach the whole of our front lines we are throwing up earth works and forts to protect our

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selves if the Rebs should attack us which I think they will not do here under the fire of our boats I do not know how long we shall remain here but to all appearences we shall stop here some time the Vermont Brigade is very sorry looking Brigade now loosing so many but most of them I think were taken prisnors especily from the sixth which suffered the most there is not a great many from the 2d perhaps 30 or forty five from Co D Clough was wounded and taken prisnor John Rody was wounded in the foot Quincy Thurston in the arm Lewis Dodge in the hip Hartwell Moody is missing he was up at the hospital at the time of the battle

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at Head Quarters takeing care of some of the sick and he has not been seen since whether he was taken prisnor or not I do not know William Clark had his thumb of his left hand shot off but has been in the hospital most ever since and I am sorry to say that he died last night the Doctor will not give him a discharge which he ought to have Lieut Col. Joyce is alive and well so is Doctor Janes there was a.great many reported kilIed or wounded that was not but come in after the battle the same as they did at Bull run time most all of the officers are getting sick of it and resining Adjunt Ladd and Lieut Hoyt have resined and start for home this morning Capt Johnson

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Capt Smith Lieut Gregg have sent in their resignation Capt Johnson has sent his the second time and I think he will get it signed this time Lieut Gregg will be at home in a few days. he can tell you more than I can write we have got very good place to camp but oh god the rations to live on we have not seen a bit of soft bread since we left Camp Griffin every thing is so high the officers can hardly buy enough to eat cheese .75 a pound Butter 1.00 eggs 50 cents a dozen and every thing in proportion and cant be got half the time at that I am not very well and have not been for a number of weeks I have had the diarhea very bad some of the time but have been better for three or four days. write again soon.

Resly yoursIra A Marshall