Bradford Sparrow to Alner D. Sparrow

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No 2
A. D. Sparrow
ElmoreVermontPlease Forward


Letter No 2Long Island Boston HarborSeptember 1st/63Father;

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This letter is dated farther off perhaps than you expected it would; but I thought it would be best to wait until now before I wrote.

We left Burlington Saturday morning and got to Brattleboro about four in the afternoon we were then marched into the barracks and kept under guard until Mondday except that we were marched out to draw rations which were first rate. We then took the [] under a strong guard for Boston. When we arrived there we were marched through the streets to the wharf and then took the boat for the Island which is in Boston harbor instead

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of Long Island New York.

It is a real pleasant place There is now 141 U conscripts here. When they get 59 more we shall be sent to the regiments which wil be the last of this week or the first of next.

The 2nd & 3rd Regiments are full and we shall go into the 4th. When we start we shall draw $25 bounty & $13 more. When we get there about the regular pay I have not found out about. There is five of us in a tent together (we camp on the ground) Ira & Swift & a couple of fellows from Hardwick by the names of Wilson & Fellows. They appear like good fellows. Last night we had nothing but the thickness of T two blankets under us and one over us. I expect-ed

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to take cold but I did not. We all slept like pigs & laid in the same way. For supper we had boiled [] Bakers bread & coffee & in the morning it was coffee & hardtack. This morning we had a squad drill. Ira & I are both well, he wrote home while at Brattleboro & will not write now, he said this morning that he would like to be there to day sat freemans meeting.

Please write about it and how Charles Stoddard is I saw George Nelson at Brattleboro but not to speak with him. I was told that he had been reduced to the ranks they said he tried to be to smart he tried to restock some guns that he thought did not stand right, and let them fall, & are went off and

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then ball went through his coat sleeve. They said he got tight, &. I do not think of any thing more now I guess you can send a letter here if you get this in season you will

Vermont Detachment
Long Island Boston Harbor

Yours TrulyB.P. Sparrow

P.S. Tonight I shall have hay for a beds.