Bradford Sparrow to Parents and Brothers

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Letter No 9Rappahannock StationOct 12/63Dear Parents & Brothers

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I write in hurry the army is going through some great military move & retreated from Culpepper I am now in the field, the enemy is close to us, we are making a stand, these may be a hard fight & perhaps now I write this to perhaps you for the worst but I hope for the & do not feel at all concerned. I expect a brush with the enemy. I rec'd a letter from you last night acknowledging the receipt of $20. Also one from Albert & one from Harriet do not be alarmed all will be well. We have had

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quite a march I stand it well, the march is not over Ira is pretty lame Wm Swift is well. I never was so tough & fat, you wanted to [] how I liked the business I like it as well as any one can expect. I can bear the knapsack better than I ever though I could I can write no more I will write again soon, do not feel alarmed but trust in god prabably my fate will be decided before this is mailed much love to you all good bye for this time

Bradford. P. Sparrow

Near Centerville Va
Oct. 15/63

[] I have not had a chance to mail this it is getting old I have been in no battle yet, perhaps I shant but we are going to have a smart campaign this fall I think and it is not often that I can get a chance to write so I shant [] regular about writing for a while but I should like to have you write, we have had long marches, every day this week, from 15 to 25 miles a day. I will write again soon if I can

B.P. Sparrow