Bradford Sparrow to Father, Mother and Brothers

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Letter No. 16Brandy Station VaJan 1st/64Dear Father, Mother & Brothers;

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It is New Years day in Va. & I suppose it is in Vt. just the same. I hope you have got my letter, wrote Christmas day so that you are relieved of some of your anxiety about me, so that you can enjoy this pleasant but spare that you are not happy & to think that I may be the cause of your sorrow feel feelings makes me feel bad too, but I hope that no more letters will be delayed & I shall be allowed more time so that I can write oftener, but we have had a great deal of duty to do this fall & winter. So if you miss of hearing from me one week or two do not think this is anything serious but try & be alm I will write one a week if I can, It was not decided that we should winter here until [] or two before I []

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last letter, we are in the same camp that we have been all the times shall be until spring opens. It is mud time here now. It rains more than half of the time, good sleighing I suppose in Vts. May health continues the same, Ira had a letter from you after I mailed my last one he answered it by the way of Mr. Grourt. I do not think he did right in writing to his Father instead of you. I told him to direct the letter on the outside to his father & write to mine. (Between you and me Ira Grourt is not the man I once took him to be. Intimate acquantance reveals the true character) Ira's health is about the same. Swift is tough & fat, I have not heard from Mr. Bishop since I went to see him before I wrote last my blue shirts are quite comfort able with damp weather. I have only wore one a week, there is an []

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-list here now, I am going to have my picture taken soon & send it to you, my clothes are al good now, send me a loop of brown bread, a box of anquint-am a bottle of musk 2x3 of them, if you send that produce put in a pair of balance's to weigh it with, In the last letter I put in a slip of papers often it was scaled with writing to have you send me a tin plate, the same size of the spiders so as to turn over it when cooking, has Stevens ever come out here, I am sorry that you do not have an extra good school this winter. Albert, how do you like your new study & how far have you got do you study Geography or Grammer, where did you commence in Arithemctict how fancy are gone who is the best in Arithn your Olive. Do the other boys learn well, does Eddie cut up any [] capers at school, what is Irvin

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about these days. It seem as though I could his merry fare through the back of that chair in the corner. I guess he is on a train with Father by the way he giggles.

How does the old mare & colt look this winter do you keep the open & are they fat any. PS the dipthera raing very hard there I have heard of the death of two with it that I was surprised to hear they were dead. I think there was heavy mourners when Hate Cook died for they all seemed to idolize her, no doubt Miss Heaths friends felt just as bad. I am sorry to hear that Jane does not get any better, perhaps it will cheer her up having Alph come home.

I do not think of any thing more to write now, except that it is a bitter cold night, windy, the mud is feeling it is roll call so good night

With Love to All,
Just here Ira hands me a letter from Harriet once more GoodnightB.P. Sparrow