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The inhabitants of the towns of Elmore are legal voters in town are hereby notified and [] to meet at the usual place of holding town meetings in said Elmore on tuesday March 1st at ten oclock A.M. to [] the following business viz;

1st To close a moderator to [] in said meeting.

2nd To cast their votes for one for to some as County Commission they are []

3rd To choose all [] town officers for the year ensuing

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4th To see if the town will vote to raise money by a tax or the [] list to pay all legal charges made against the town []

5th To see if the town will vote to pay their drafted men a bounty

6th To see if the town will vote more alterations in Highway or School districts.

7th To do any business proper to be done when met.

Elmore February 15th 1864

LH. Duty

Wilson Griswald Selectman

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Elmore March 1st 1864

Town Clerk called the meeting to order at this time and place agreeable to the above Notice

20th Voted to pay a bounty of $200.00 to each Drafted Men that has gone into the service from this town and is now in the service, has or shall die in the service, or shall be honorably discharged there from.

24th Voted to instruct the Select Men to pay all volunteers that have enlisted since the

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last day of January 1864 or may enlist hereafter, the same bounty that other towns have or may pay

26 Voted to dissolve this meeting Joseph W. Bryant []
Abel Camp Town Clerk

Town Clerks Office Elmore Mar 1st 2864 Received the above and foregoing town meeting for Record and Recorded the same

Attst. Abel Camp Town Clerk