Edward P. Stone to Family

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Camp GriffinFriday evening, Dec 28 61Dear Home

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Thanks for good letters just received from father Lydia and Maria. Glad the money reached you safely. I inclose ten dollars more in this. I have never received Mr. Gorhams letter though I should like very much to hear from him. Perhaps the letter may come round yet. Mrs. Langdon has

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visited us yet. How we should like to see father here.

It is rather cool tonight but we have no snow, and I believe the men do not at all from cold in their tents. Some of our officers are ordered home to recruit for the brigade. The health of the men is improving. Dr. Janes is doing remarkably well and is well. Mother asked about him.

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We two and our relations are well and happy


Mary’s leaf and flower are very agreeable to our eyes and noses as we have nothing of the kind here. Maria’s writing is so plain that John can read it much easier than father’s