Orlando S. Turner to Joseph and Louisa A. Turner

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WashingtonJuly 4 1861dear father and mother

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I now take my pen in hand to let you know how I git along I am well and I hope that these few lines will finde you the same thare is grate doings hear to day thare is a bout 80 thousand men with in ten miles of hear that belong to the union we had fine timestimes coming out hear in Troy we got super thare in New York the folks gave us a splendid Flag thare the in Baltimore the folks thought that we was to tuf for them you would think it tuf to sit on the ground and have a smal box to write one on tell Mr Mury that John and Jin is well and in good spirits we should like to be in Vermont to day but but seeing we cant

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we are satisfied to stay in camp when I was in Burlington I sent ten dollars to you and I want to know if you resieved it I cant think of any more new to write as son as you git this direct your leters to W Washington D C in the

from your sonOrlando S Turner