Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Camp WashburnAug 27th /62My Dear Wife

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I presume you must have been some what disappointed that you did not get a letter from me yesterday but the fact was I was not able to write. I was attached with a severe dysentry on monday and I have suffered very much but I am getting better very fast, though I am not will. It all owing to my eating that green corn. I have done considerable work to day.

We have not learned how soon we shall leave here. Our Regt is to be mustered in to morrow (Thursday)

I was honored wih a

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long visit from the Governor and his Son yesterday. He came in and sat down and talked like are old friend. Enquired about every thing concerning my department and finely wound up by complimenting me for my efforts in keeping the camp in so healthy condition and many flattering compliments. He is a man that never wastes word on any one then for I have reason to feel some what elevated. It so happened that I was at my table writing a prescription with my coat off, hair all frizzle, and Capt Dillingham sitting on my bunk.

Friday Morning - 29th, I laid aside to attend to some

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sick calls and did not have time to get at it again till this morning. The mail goes out in a few minutes.

We shall probably have him on Tuesday next, so if that horse can be got here on Monday night I can take him along.

I must close this as the Arm brass for the surgeons call. I am better this morning but rather weak.

I will write again soon to you and Helen too.

We cannot find that box Kiss the children for me love to all.

Your affectionate husbandJ. C. Rutherford

If we stay here next weak I some expect to Sec Two have on a drafft.