Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Camp WashburnAug 31st 1862My Dear Wife,

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I think you must have felt very bad not to have heard from me oftener last week, but with the work I had to do with the state of health I was in I had very little heart to write. Wednesday I was not really able to hold my head up still I prescribed for more than 50 patients. When I got back I found the Hospital full and 54 on the sick list to day we have 5 in Hospital and 14 on sick list a great falling off. My associate was very kind he worked hard to favor me until this day when he was taken sick, very sick, & and I had to take the whole thing on my hands. We are

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both of us in good waking order now, I can eat my full rations and work all day. This attack of dysentry is favorable for me I shall not be so likely to have it down south. You would have smiled to see me dose down the salts, but it was the thing I can tell you, they tied me up light as a new shoe. Yesterday I eat some raw onions and this morning they [roiled] me out in a hurry and now I am feeling tip top.

We are to leave hear next friday for Virginia. As the time draws near for us to have the state it wings home to our hearts many nights - and yearning for home. This military life has a tendency to make home doubly dear to us. The wight of conversation is of home sweet home. Yet

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none express any sorrow that they enlisted in the cause of our country. I have a strong yearning to see you and the children once more before I leave the State but I must give up all idea of such a thing.

I see that all are forbidden to write home after they get into Va. If this is true you must examine all news papers that you may receive from me and try the margins with the scent proofs.

You must write to me every day as long as we stay here. I shall find so I was nearer home, I shall write as I go along. Tell Helen that I shall work to [         ] of the news from home

Surgeon Child is here now and we get along nicely.

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I went down town yesterday to get my photograph but the Saloon was as full as I had [      ] Shall get it to morrow, I shall send with this a Photograph of my associate Dr Clark. Did you get the paper? Tell Jacob that I will try and get a paper for him soon. Tell Mr Turn that they are now making out the drafting papers just as fast as they can, the Adjutant Genl has over 50 men at work in his office you can embelish this as you like, I have critism this by odd jobs through the day. Remember me to all our friends. Tell the children how much I want to see them, and keep them all for me.

Your ever loving husbandJ. C. Rutherford