Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Saturday Apr 11th 1863

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I wrote a long History of one days adventure last night, and therefore I have nothing new to write this morning. We are having delightful summer weather and evry one seems to enjoy it and your humble servant with the net.

If this weather continues we shall move to Poolsville the first of next week. There we will have work enough to do for a week or ten days fitting up our camp again. The probablities are that or shall stay here this summer, and I can tell you that we heartily desire if for a pleasnter place could not be found. Speaking of Poolsville reminds me of a question you asked in your letter, about that man sentenced to be hurry. His name is Pleasants, the sentence has been charged by the President to imprisonment and hard labor during the War. When I got back from Vt I found our Hospital Steward under arrest, for Stealing from the dead at Offults cross road last Dec

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He has just had his trial and found guilty, and has had his sentence to one years hard labor (pounding storm) on the Rip Raps and to forfit all pay then to be discharged the service dishonorably. It made us all feel bad to have any such thing happen, but we could have no sympathy for him. He was the one that crowded Palmer out of his place at Brattleboro.

I have just sent in my weekly report of Sick to the medical Director, and the numbers stood thus - 9 in Hospital and 8 in [        ], that is 8 excused from duty. To show you the differance, the 14th N.H. regt. (at Poolsville) have over 100 excused from duty daily and thus Hospital over men, and we are not 5 miles apart.

Sunday Apr 12th. My dear Wife - I have some painful news to tell you. Last night between the hours of one and two an orderly rode into camp with orders for us to prepare 7 days

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rations and pack up for a march to go some [     ] into the field. We are ordered to have evry thing that is not absolutely necessary for service even our tents. The 7 days rations indicate a long march. God only knows at least we do not know when to. Such are the fortunes of war. The whole Brigade is going. This is a very buisy day with us packing upon medicines and Hospital [     ], and selecting such of our personal effect that we shall most need. I am writing this in great haste as the day is drawing to a close, and we take up our line of march tomorrow morning (the 13th) I think we shall go to Washington first and be paid off, then let it rip. I am so much disappointed at or not staying here that I have not much heart to write.

All I have to say is - that you

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do not fret about it and I will write just as often as there is a chance to send a letter.

There is no doubt but we are going into action service before the enemy.

Give my love to the children - and tell Helen that I am sorry she cant find time to write to her Father. When he has asked her so many time to write.

Now my dear good by and accept the pure and undivided love of

Your affectionate HusbandJ. C. Rutherford