Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Aug 2d 1863Camp in the field 3 miles from Rapahanack Station 9 miles south of Warrenton and about 1/2 a mile from The Rapahanack river.My dear Wife:-

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Sunday morning at sunrise with but a few minutes to write. Yesterday we moved about 7 miles nearer towards the Rebs. As they move off we follow up. I received a letter from you day before yesterday which gave me much pleasure It was dated July 26th. You speak of my writing often You may rest assured that I improve every opportunity to write. You seem to be very much astonished to learn that the returned Soldiers were covered with body lice. Now out here they are considered one of the luxuries of camp life. It is a daily sight to see the men and not [        ] to see some of the officers, with all their cloths off hunting for lice, and some are richly reward sometimes they vary in size from a common head louse to that of a grain of wheat. I am happy to say that I have not yet enjoyed this luxury.

I sat last night till quite late looking at the

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moon and wondering if you was not looking at it at the same time, and I could not help thinking about little Jacob crying in his sleep for me and what is very singular Col Henry and Chaplain Haynes had each a child cry out in the night in the same way, and at about the same time. The three letters announcing the incident came within 24 hours of each other, 2 in the same mail. Now if this is not a re-markable coincidnet then I dont know what we are camped in a most beautiful field.

I have a thousand things to write but have not the time this morning, as the mail is going off immediately. Tell Helen that the first time we stop long enough I will write to her. Give a Fathers love to her and all of our little "chicks". My health is excelent, and spirits good. Though we fare rather hard as to food yet we make out to enjoy ourselves and get enough.

Accept the devotion of an affectionate heart.

from Your HusbandJ.C. Rutherford