Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Camp near Culpepper VaSept 27th 1863My dear Wife:-

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I have received yours of the 22d. You think if I would mention some passage in your letters you would know if I received them. I dont know of any thing better than the date- which I always mention. If you would keep a memorandum of yor letters you could then tell readily enough if I receive them. Some of your letters seem to be a long time coming others come right along, like the last one I have received. Another thing I answer all of your letters that I receive within 24 hours after receiv-ing them. I did receive the Stamps and you have my sincere thanks for them.. I disliked to mark my letters "Soldiers letters", but I had to quite a number. It seems by

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Your letter that you do not know where I am yet. I think you must know by this time. I had heard if Judge Moins death, but I never had heard of the death of his Son.

Patch it are old fool, he dont know Diphtheria from a green bile. It is very evident that Miss Bowman did of acute Phthirio of causing a [       ] of once or more large blood vessels in the lungs. The hemorage from this nose independent of any lung disease was benificial than otherwise. That man does make some of the most absurd blunders I ever knew a man to make who has had the experience he has had.

When is Curnor that Patch and other Doctors come in other so much? Or has he bucked his head against a log till he has lost all his friends? Nell 20 goes the world.

We have been expecting to have a big fight for a number of days but the

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dawn has not opened yet, and now it looks very much as though there would be no fight for some time to come. Our troops are about to fall back on Washington for what purpose it is not known, this is confidential. There was never better chances for field operations so far as the weather is concerned as it is now.

I made Capt Bartlett a visit to day and had a good social time with him, he is looking finely and in good spirits. I cant find Eugene though he is not over 3 or 4 miles from here We have been story by reminded of appre-aching winter by the very cold nights we have had the last fortnight, but we shall get some hot weather here yet. Our regiment is very healthy, but 25 sick in all. While there are two other regiments that lay along side of us on the same field whose sick list [    ] up to 63 and 70 respectively, they are under the same atmosphere influence

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have the same facilities in every particular to take care of their men and sick that we have, yet there is this differance in our number of sick. There is a cause for this differance but what is it? I am now writing a report for the Surgeon in Chief of the Army on this subject and giving my opinion as regards the causes that are at work to produce this [        ] differance. I will assure you I do not do this from choice. It is a military necessity I have got it nearly finished. It has got to be sent in the 1st of Oct, so you see there is not much time to be lost. You must not feel too proud of your rail Road. My health remains good Give my love to the children and kiss them for me, and accept your share for your dear self

Your Ever affectionate HusbandJ.C. Rutherford