Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Brandy Station VaMar 24th 1864My dear Wife,

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The bearer of this letter is one of my Hospital nurses John Butler. It will be so late when he gets to your place that he will not be able to get home that night, there, for you will do a kindness to a good friend of mine to keep him over night. And I think you will be glad to see some one directly from camp. Ask him all the questions you think of, and get all the information you can, for you will think of things that I dont think to write about.

I want you to send me one of my blouses as I shall need

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it soon. If you have cut up the one I left at home send me the one [] made for me, and if you have got any thing else that Butlers can bring that you want me to have, sent it.

Another day has passed, and no letter from you, what is the reason,? here it is nearly a fortnight since I have heard a word from you. I begin to feel that it is a little too bad. Yet I am confident that you write as you promised to.

I dont think I am forgotten. You have probably seen Mr Baker since his return home and he has no doubt told you how we get along here.

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I am not in heart to write much I feel so disappointed in not hearing from you today. I got my papers regular why do I not get my letters also?

I have written all the news in my letter to Helen. Give my love to the children and remember that my heart yearns for you, and that my love is every burning upon the alter of your heart.

Your affectionate husbandJ.C. Rutherford