Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Camp among the Pines near Culpepper VaApr 22d 1864My dear Wife

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I received your kind letter dated the 18th in time to read it before dark, and you may be sure that it was a welcome visitor. So long had it been since I had received a letter from you that I was not sure as I should know your hand writing when I did get one, but those familiar characters of your are readidly recognized, and they had a magic power to lift gloom and [] from my anxious heart and filled my soul with gladness. Though your letter contained matter that give my pain and created anxiety yet it was gratifying to have you tell me your troubles You know when you told them that they find a sympathizing heart. Do not imagine for one moment that I do or every should feel annoyed by yourthe relation of all your trials troubles, aches or pains. No. No. where

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should you look for sympathy relief bu tto pine who loves you with a life devotedness, and one who has ever been ready for many along year to share all sorrows and suffereings with you. I never had the faulty to express myself in flowery spread, but I could act when I was called upon with my soul and body.

I can hardly tell you what to do for your heart unless you diet and as for your drowsiness I think a blue pill at night, followed in the morning by some cathested would be of some benefit to you. You do yourself and me injustice to say that I might think your present disposition, or I should say indisposition to shirk all babe was constitutional.

I think that much of your bad feelings arise from your vigalence and anxiety in taking care of our little treasures. It must be a great task for you, but as great as it is, the burden is a light one to what it would be to be deprived of caring for them by deaths unrelenting hand.

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I wish I was with you to relieve you of some of the care that are wearing you out. You have my sympathy to the fulest extent.

If Kittie rains easy it is favorable, and as warm weather is coming on it will be more favorable then all. Your praise of the little dear fills my heart with pride. She is smart in one way while the others are in another.

My dear if you have a desire to cry, letter life it will do you good. Crying is a physcological and a phylosophical institution. The greatest sadness of heart is often relieved by the sheding of tears. Cry and consider it one of the Gods blessings that you can cry. While you may cry to your hearts content dont indulge in dispending or gloomy forebarings, for [] is health [] or give relief to a burdened heart. I cant answer all your letter tonight but will write anohter tomorrow.

Love to all. Ever thineJ.C. Rutherford