Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Camp in the field near Harpers FerryAug 23d 1864My dear Wife,

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I recd your sad, sad letter announcing the death of our dear darling boy. The blow was more than I could bear. To have our fond hopes so suddenly blasted. Oh God it is hard. And if is hard for me God only knows how you can endure such a loss. I cant write now. I dont realize the awful fact. It has made me sick both body and mind. I cant do any thing nor think any thing, and I almost envy the brave soldiers who are now giving up their lives in our front this morning. I will write more when my ears are not stuned with the cannons roar, and my heart and hand

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is more steady. What shall I do when I go home and find that little place vacant. God only knows. How sad must our little household be. I could hardly be reconciles to our loss, but for the many that are falling all around me at this moment. The crack of a gun and a life goes out, and other hearts made heavy and sad like my own.

May God have mercy on us and spare the remainder of our little flock to us, and my hearty prayer is that he will sustain you, my dear one, in the heavy affliction. Oh if I could be with you it would serve relief to my lonely sorrow.

I have the little picture, but I cannot bear to look upon it. I

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fear to look upon the dear little face. The first chance I get to send it home safe you shall have it.

I am sick in the Div Hospital able to be about but unfit for duty.

Give my undying love to our dear children, and tell them how much I desire to be with them and fold them in my arms.

I cant express my love and sympathy for your dearself.

Your loving husbandJ.C. Rutherford

Let me hear from you often, and I will write more when I feel better. I will answer Helens letter as soon as I can. The dear good girl.