John Spafford to Joseph Spafford, Joseph Spafford to John Spafford

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[Nov 1861]
Sunday 9.30 P.M.My Dear Son,

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I wish to ask you a few questions, and will leave room for answers on the same so you can fill it out and return it. – Cold weather is coming. Are you sufficiently clothed? if not can you get what you need there? We are now sufficiently clothed clothed warm enough, in fact all the clothing we can transport. We can get stockings drawers, &c of the suttler. Have you sufficient in your tent to sleep comfortable? I could send you a comforter or quilt. I think there must be a box sent to the Weathersfield boys, if you can not get all you need ther. What can you buy of the suttlers? We have all we need in our tent. I don’t realy know whether we want a box sent or not, wait until you hear further from me on the subject.

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I see by the yesterday paper that they have beet taking troops from Washington within two or three day I hope you are not gone, but if you are I suppose this will reach you sometime where ever you are. If there is anything you need you can not get where you are let us know it and we will send it. I know you must need drawers. Are you pants lined? Are your others that you wore off worn out? cant you wear them underneath till you get some others? Can it be you have not recd my letters? You say you see they have been taking troops from W. within a few days & hope I am not among them. We have not been at W. for three weeks, we only stoped there a few days, then went to Chain Bridge (about 10 miles from W.) and stoped until about a week ago when we came here to Camp Griffin, about 5 miles south west of Chain Bridge We have got our Overcoats, drawers, undershirts, & everything but our dress coats. - I recd this 2 days after it was mailed. We have got your overcoat. I wish you had it

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Sunday night half past 11 P.M.

I will ask you a few questions and go to bed. What do you do about your washing now? You can not go to the river and wash now of course. Your shirt that you wear next your body ought to be clean certainly every two weeks and your stockings oftener. Heat water at the cook tent and do it myself sometimes and sometimes hire it done. 5 cts a piece Is it at all comfortable in your tent? and how is it warmed? Quite comfortable. Warmed by a small sheet iron stove. Was there anything broken or leaked out in your box? Not any thing Didn’t so much good victuals at Thanksgiving make you sick? Not a bit. I will run the risk of that any time.