Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Miss M. J. Spafford
Upper FallsVermont


“Irishmans Shanty”Sunday Apr. 27thMy Dear Sister –

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I have written mother quite a long letter but will write to you also. Now there is one thing that I do not want done, that is to have George come out here unless I send for him. Tell mother so & do not let her start him out here. I do not think he could be the least possible use to me while I am as well as I am at present & it would be a great trouble to him to come, & I very much doubt about the Gov. being able to pass him to W. free. – I think it quite probarble that I shall get a dischare & be at home before the 1st of June.

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You know what I wrote you in regard to it the other day. Yesterday when the Dr. came around I showed him the paper Dr. Adams gave me, & he examined me. he rather thought my lungs were all right, & went away, but in the afternoon came in again with another Dr. & they decided together that Dr. A. was right, & took my name, Co. & Regt and probarbly intend giving me a discharge when they get around to it. – I learned to day that the solders who get passes & go to the City go and get examined by the Drs. there & get thier papers under way sooner than they could otherwise do. I shall ask my Dr tomorrow if he intends having my discharge made out soon, and if he does

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not talk to suit me, I shall let him go to the __ & Sergt Peabody & myself shall go to town this week. Then you think if I dont come home you will make a hospital nurse of yourself. The nurses are not Irish or “niggers”, but generally “daughters of the [Pure]” Most of the nurses at the Mansion House were those who came from N.Y. City. They do very well, there, but it is noticable that they do like the convalesent soldiers. I would no more have you go into an Army hos. as nurse than I would have you go to any place I might mention. Besides other objections there is all kinds of disease. The Mansion House Hospital when I left had plenty of small pox cases which was one thing that made me

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anxious to leave it. I do not think I would take it, but I do not care to live among it. I like our situation here in these Barracks for the reason that they are so healthy and free from the diseases of a crowded house Hospital. –

Now I do not want you to say any thing about what I have written in regard to a discharge as I dont wish all the neighbors saying this, that, &c. in regard to my coming home. When I come they will know it & that is soon enough. It is possible that I do not come now. – The Dr. sent me down some cod liver oil yesterday but no whiskey to take it in but I happened to get a chance to send to town & get a bottle; I would not take it clear (the oil) if I knew it would save my life. – I will write no more to day but shall write you very often

As Ever Your Aff BrotherJo

My love to Ellen. I owe her a letter. Shall write her soon.

They have got a fiddle in the next house south of ours and if you could hear them dancing & carrying on evenings you would think they were very sick soldiers.

Recd a letter from L. a day or two before I left Alexandria.