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Camp AdvanceSept. 25.My darling

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We have had another little brush to-day. Started out to Lewinville in force to forage this morn. Got over a hundred loads hay & corn &c. drove cattle, flock sheep. I assisted Mr. Proctor, as only part of our reg’t. went out, the remainder being on picket. Just as we started the last load home, the rebels began to toss in their shells, which was duly responded to by our battery till they shut their mouths & retreated. Our reg’t was thrown

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forward as skirmishers, & as soon as the firing began, I went down & hunted them out. They occupied position in a ravine between the two batteries & the shells of both whistled over our heads beautifully. Wish you could hear them. I never heard such music. Tenyson would say they cut the air as “the shrill edged shriek of a maniac divides the shuddering night.” I believe two or three of our forces were slightly wounded, nothing worth mentioning. We took one rebel officer prisoner, one of the Genl’s staff. The N.H. sharp shooters were out but got no chance to do much.

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I doubt somewhat about the efficiency of that corp. They are good only in one place, therefore I fear they will be good for nothing, for that place seldom occurs. They cannot resist a charge therefore they must always be supported. They, like the Zouaves or black horse cavalry will do to create a sort of dread or fear, but that is about all they amount to. A regular rifle musket reg’t. is a match for a host of all such corps. The truth about that Va. black horse cavalry is simply this, there was one co of black horses in a reg’t. Artillery is the arm for this war, we cant have too much of that.

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I have a black boy to work for me now, very good boy. My horse is on the way here now. The 4th & 5th Vt. are in Washington. I have not seen Atherton. I went to W. Monday - & saw the N.H. 3rd, quite a number fr Exeter I knew. Its a fine reg’t. but confound the grey uniforms. When will they stop putting such stuff on men- I wear a blue flannel sack coat, coast about seven dollars, just such as every body wears about Washington & worth more than anything else for comfort & service, full of pockets, & no stiff collars or cotton. I shall get a parade uniform when I get ready, but dont think that will be very soon, as I know of no place to wear it between here & Richmond. Dont believe an outfit would cost me very much were I to start again.

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I should want about $20 worth of cloths all told, & an opera glass. Arms I wouldnt give a dime for. The box has not come yet. I would’nt buckle on a sword again for a month if regulations did not require it. I think a view of the articles in the box will enable me to express my thanks more heartily therefore I will defer. Extend my congratulations to Mr& Mrs Barrett when the time comes, should be most happy to be present to do it myself, but it will be the same for you to. I have no objections to yr going around, if you will only remember. Wont the front room

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too public. Seems to me I should rather remain in the old place, but you know best . Dont you want some money? We have not had a cent yet but expect it soon.

I am very tired, so good night my angel.

Yr devoted husbandW G Veazey