Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp GriffinOct 2.My own angel wife-

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Its one of the stormiest days I ever knew so I will write you a love letter- so don’t let any one see it. I would give anything to see you, My own sweetest wife. I am dying to take you in my arms once more: & I must. I was Field officer yesterday - & had to be with the outpost after 12, this morn. It rained and blew terribly, blew my tent down while away. This will be a hard one for the fleet. I am all up in arms today & I want to get into yr arms dreadfully. Proctor’s wife is near here & is in arrest for going out of camp to stay with her last night. Paying pretty dear for a good

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time. I told him it was too much trouble to have a wife about, he said his would’nt trouble him any, he had been married too long. If I could only be with you a day or two I should be glad. what to do you think would be done. My angel I think about you so much & that you are perfectly faithful to me & I shall be so happy bye & bye. Do I think right? Shant you have anything to regret or I either. Are you all I could wish you to be? Shant I have to scold you any at all? Shall I want to go into your arms & kiss you as when we were married? Are you really my wife? Tell me all about it & if you remember all about yr lips & everything else. Dont you

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have any beaux now? Who goes with you to all those places! You never went round so much. Do you remember me just as well. And are you perfectly well? Are you glad we are married & do you want me? If you want to make something to keep me warm, make some woolen socks, & gloves. I wear buckskins but cant when it rains. Remember the woolen drawers & one shirt, turn down collar like the first you made me, & a cake of soap. We have plenty to eat now, & nice too. Good bread & ham & potatoes & milk. 12 of us use 6 quarts milk per day, in our coffee, pay 10 cents per quart. Genl. Smith says, let the Vt

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brigade loose & they would be in Richmond in a week after milk. The tent blew down at this point yesterday & to day, Sunday, I have been out on a reconnoitering tour to day got back late this eve so you wont get much of a letter I wish Allg would send a pair of his old pants & a vest for my son of Erebus He wears out clothes very fast He put my tent up nicely to day. Major Seavers wife is very smart & well. I expect the [fleet]> has gone [         ] one week ago I fear it will ruin our cause if so. I wish you were here now my own sweetest angel We would have as good time as we ever did yet. I do adore my own wife

Yr devoted husbandW. G. Veazey