Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp GriffinNov. 14.My Darling Wife

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I have been waiting to find out whether we are to remain here before telling you to send those things. We have been expecting to be sent away - down the coast or out West this week, but have got no order yet, so you may send immediately. Dont sent any superfluous things. I want some good stockings as mine are about gone. Did I send you a pr. of my boots? if so you may send those if you please. I have all those shirts you made me but have worn them all the time so they are getting thin, but one pr more will

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do me, as these are good for under shirts. I have a very heavy pr of boots fr Vt. but have got to have a lighter pr. & those old ones will answer. I am going to be economical till my debts are paid. What a smart wife you are, to make my shirts & stockings. Did I tell you I had a letter fr Mat & Addie? They inquired for you. All are well at home. I wrote to Mother a few days ago. We have had drills of the whole division for two days, about 15000 men including artillery & cavalry. Col. Hyde has been out with us but let me have the command.

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Genl Mc.Clellan will review the division to-morrow if it dont rain, but I think it will, it does now. I am Field Officer of the Day to-morrow, have to go out with the piquets at 3. o’clock A.M. There is to be a big review of several divisions next Monday- 60,000 men - & we among them. Lute is sick, has the horse distemper. I dont know but she will die, she has been sick for two or three weeks but I had to use her till she got to bad I could not. It is harder for a horse to get acclimated than a man. What glorious news we hear on all sides

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now. Affairs are moving very much as I anticipated & suggested to you some time ago - that we should remain inactive here, but simply to hold the enemy in check, while they were attacked in the rear. but we don’t expect to remain here! probably we shall go So. If there is to be no battle here I should prefer going So. I hope the tide is fully turned in our favor now. Dont send me too much. I don’t need any thing to eat. A small box would be much better than a barrel. Our regt has new clothes at last, Army blue They look finely. health is improving fast. Major Seaver is sick yet. Good night my angel. I must go to bed as I have got to start early

Yr devoted husbandW. G. Veazey