Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp GriffinNov. 26.My angel wife-

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Yr. bag came last night & everything is splendid except the stockings & one fingered mittens were quite large as you thought they would be. What made you send so many gloves? I cant bother with many articles of the same kind at a time. A private gave me a pr of mittens, very nice ones, the day before. Nothing pleased my snow ball as that hood for Lute, You ought to have seen him laugh. She has got well & I use her now. I slept under yr comforter last night & just as warm as I could be away fr you my

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sweet love. My beautiful wife, I should like to see you. Rec’d yrs & Mr. A’s letters to night, also one fr Lydia. She is at Concord. Folks all well at home. Uncle Ben & Aunt not very well at B. Lydia wants to come to Washington very much, but she could not get this side of the river probably if she came. We have a very good General now. He first served in Florida, then thro the Mexican War, & ever since on the frontier. His Father was a Vermonter but he the Gen, is fr Ohio. He neither smokes nor drinks, but swears like a Tartar or Turk, which is it. He is wholly a professional soldier. Writes to his wife every day & she to him.

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I was interrupted here last night & am writing this in bed Thanksgiving morn. I’ve been thinking about you my sweet little pet for a good while I would give anything to have you here in my arms. My own perfection I do love you & want you so much. We would’nt get up to day, but we would have the best Thanksgiving day ever known How much I have reason to give Thanks for my angel, & for you most of all. I do want to get into yr arms & -- I do love you & adore you but you had better keep this soft letter pretty close or burn it. I shall be glad to live with you. I hope I shall

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find you as good as I left you. How warm I sleep under yr comforter & have such splendid dreams about you my angel. If I could only see you all with my own eyes one moment. I must. Do be a good girl; are you perfectly? & very careful what you say or do to any one & how you look at them. Be careful of those eyes, & do you wear high dresses You must allow no one in yr room at any time. You must always remember you are my own wife & I worship you. We are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner at our mess, am glad you sent no turkey, as our mess is so large. If I were messing alone I should like such things.

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If you ever want any money, just tell me at any time. I send my money to pay up my debts as fast as I get it, but per haps I ought to send to you, & will whatever you want, & shall any way next pay day. I guess I shall soon be out of debt & own a library. Please return my thanks to everybody who contributed to the bag in any manner. I will write to Father soon.

Your own fond devoted & true husbandWheelock

Mrs. Lt Col W G Veazey