Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp GriffinDec 27. /61My Sweet Wife,

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I did’nt get a letter last eve but, two to night. Don’t see why you did not get a letter Christmas. I wrote Sunday. What day do you get my Sunday’s letter generally? I have already written twice this week. I should like to have been with you Christmas day. Perhaps we always shall be hereafter. I was very busy fixing for my tent. We are moved at last into the woods. My tent is in a very warm place Have logs built up about 2 or 3 feet & tent on top. Shall put down a floor to-morrow, so we shall begin to live in shape if they will only let us remain here any time which is very doubtful. We have a new mess now of the Field & Staff officers, or two of the staff - making 5 in the mess. All married men, & we have passed a resolution that any contributions for the table from our wives will be gratefully

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received and duly appreciated. We think very highly of Yankee pickles & preserves of all kinds. I dont think we shall have war with England, for I think Messrs Mason & Slidell will be given up if demanded as an ultimatum. Probably all the facts of the case would be a revelation somewhat different from the paper account we have rec’d. But I would not be much displeased with a war with old John Bull. We should suffer from it for awhile but England ten-fold more in the end I think. A day of reckoning will come for English insolence eventually. When it does, I almost fear you will lose me for a year or two again. Seems to me I could hardly resist the temptation of being one in giving her a third drubbing which she so richly deserves. I am on a court marshall now at General Brannan’s Head Quarters. He is president; he was the Capt B. whose wife eloped in N. York a few years ago. Good night my angel. When is Mollie going home?

Yr devoted husband