Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp GriffinJan’y 3rd /62My Darling Wife –

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I have felt miserably all the week. Had a line from Dr. Graves New Years Morning that he was in Washington, so I went down – he came up here in the meantime. But I stopped over night & saw him. I went to the Presidents Levee – also to P.M. General Blair’s also went to bed sick. Saw Pierson Capt. in the N.H. 6th first arrived. The officers swear fearfully about Col. Converse. Have taken a blue pill & Seidlitz powders so I reckon I shall get well pretty soon. Hav’nt eaten anything for a week almost. Am sorry darling you are so sick. Dont wonder you cant write letters when you are sick. I cant at all . Dont try my love. Hope you are better by this time. If I had’nt got better right off I should have applied for a leave of absence

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Cant get one for sickness at home or business. & only for very dubious sickness of self. Please tell Ally am obliged for his handsome likeness. Why did’nt he send his Lute’s with it? Have you all become reconciled to the match? I would’nt accept that office if it will be much of a task – or if it will take you out nights alone or with a bear. I fear you are not careful enough of your health. Is Capt. Ainsworth’s Co. to be changed to infantry? Mrs. Blair is almost a model lady.

Your fond & devoted husbandW. G. Veazey