Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp GriffinJan’y 12 1862My Darling Wife

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I am Field Officer of the day, just came in to supper & have got to go out & stop all night but thot I must write a line to my sweet wife first. It is a splendid night, warm as summer but very muddy. What do you mean about my not getting yr letters same as usual now? We have not moved & no thought of it that I am aware of. Should like to see Mr. & Mrs. Danforth. When are they going to leave again? If it should be bad travelling here I should apply for a leave & think I might get it. Nearly all our officers have been home & most of them sick, while I have always been on duty. You ought to be

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here to go out on picquet with me tonight. Well darling I must go & will write more when I have time. Good night my love. Proctor is in the 5th Vt.

Yr fond husbandW. G. Veazey