Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp GriffinFeb’y 18th/62My sweet angel wife

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I just rec’d yr splendid letter also one fr “Father Beard” He says they are quiet enough at home now you & Loot are away. Well old beauty you succeeded in giving me a pretty good scolding, deserved too I suppose, but I love you more that ever man loved a wife, before notwithstanding. My own sweet angel, because I scold you for flirting it is no sign I distrust you. I hav’nt distrusted you one particle since we were married. I dont know why, for I used to a little before, but not now. I have of the thing as a possibility that you would wrong me really in any manner, but you know I love you so much. I cant help being very particular. I want a wife such as the world never saw before. You know you always said you were spoiled in bringing up, so I thought if I could make a good child of you at this late day, I might run the risk of trying my hand with bringing up babies So you see I shall not consent to having any till I am sure I have succeeded in yr case. But I do think of you

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about every moment, & love you more & more & want so much to live with you all the time. It seems as tho’ one day & night with you would be worth a life time elsewhere. All the best moments of my life have been with you. & I hope I can have many many more yet What do people think now about the war & the delay of the winter? Capt Atherton & yr husband have over to see a Lt. of the 4th Regt but just alive, a college-mate, married the night before he left home, his wife came yesterday. I did pitty him, but her more. Is’nt it hard. He is a very fine man. I am very sorry my angel you have a cold. I have had a bad one, did’nt go out for a day or two, but Henry took hold of me & cured me up. I wish I were with you, I would soon cure you. Do be careful my own darling darling angel wife. You must not get sick. I was fearful you might, by going round so much. Write me just how you are every day. Yr letters are longer & better now. I rec’d a letter fr Port Royal to-night I meant to have written to Mrs. A. but have been sick & didn’t feel like it. You can tell her that I should’nt dare to be very affectionate now you are there so I thought I had better wait till you go home. I guess I will write to “Dad” to-night so I must leave my little wife. O’ how I do love her. My sweet how I wish I could be with you. It would be splendid not to have to go up to [Mr. D’s] to sleep.

Yr devoted husbandWheelock