Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Confidential LetterCamp GriffinFeb’y 23rd/62My own wife

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I have been quite busy the last week & not written much but will try to make up this week so my little wife may get her three letters. I recd that dreadful letter. Oh my! what a letter that was, & then two good ones since. I have been on picquet once & am president of a court marshall, so you see yr husband you scolded so unmercifully has had to work hard & be scolded at the same time. now ar’nt you sorry? I have worried dreadfully about yr cold darling & am rejoiced to hear it has left you. Suppose you will say I am only jealous of it. Wonder if my babies will say I am jealous when I correct them. But notwithstanding yr scolding I do love you my own sweet angel. Oh you cannot imagine how dear you are to me. My own beautiful sweet wife. I worship you day & night. I think of you all the time & would give anything to be with you always. The duties of manhood will be the only thing that will ever keep me fr you one moment. I do not doubt or distrust you my own angel I have not for an instant since we were married. Cant you believe me. I know how devoted you are to me & I thank God daily for it. I think it would be an insult to virtue & a sin ag’st God to doubt yr pure chaste, unselfish love to me. I know you have never indulged

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in an unchaste thought since you were mine, & indeed never. I never saw a female so innocent as my own beloved wife is, & for this very reason do I feel the more desirous of guarding you against the temptations to which innocence is always liable. I think my sweet love that yr intire conduct towards me & with me since we knew each other has been a continued manifestation of the purest, loftiest, holiest love any woman ever felt for her husband. Just think my own angel what a loss such a love as that would be to me. Who could or would wish to survive it! Can you blame me then for worrying some- times & feeling anxious & wishing you to avoid the appearance of evil? Can you blame me for feeling alarmed even at some things in the past? Dont every body guard their jewels carefully? Ar’nt you all the world to me? If you only knew my feelings & the depth of my love you would not wonder at anything I should say or do. Can you forgive yr husband for only appearing to wrong you? especially when his acts are but the index of his love for you? God bless you my own perfect wife. & bring us to-gether soon. Please remember me to those young ladies fr S__ Aint this article good? You had better put it in a scrap book.

Your own fond devoted husbandW. G. Veazey