Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Provost Marshal’s OfficeCamp GriffinMar, 9/62My Darling Wife,

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We have at least a real pleasant day, about the first one since last Christmas. Have rec’d all yr splendid letters this week past. Darling Angel, what an excellent wife you are. What should I do with such a wife as some are. I am so rejoiced that you are satisfied to be my own wife & nothing else. A good wife is invaluable, any other is dreadful. Yet there are but few that are just right. The whole love of one woman is worth worlds I think. I would not exchange yr love for all else on earth. I am so confident of your devotion & faithfulness, I derive immense happiness in thinking about you. Nothing could convince me that you are not perfectly devoted to me alone. I thank God for such a wife. Darling I must be worthy of you, & will be. The more devoted we are to each other the better satisfied we shall be & the happier. We will have so much happiness in a home together. How many things we will devise & do.

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It will such a luxury to have a quiet home to go to, & not board out any longer. I am tired of it. I want things my own way. & it will be so nice to have my own sweet wife do them for me. And then my angel to have you in my arms at night. It seems as tho’ I would give anything for one single night now. I can sleep so sweetly with your heart throbbing against mine. Neither poetry nor fiction ever portrayed love so deep and pure & full of joy as mine for my own beautiful wife. It seems as tho all sin had departed when you are with me. You dont know what perfect bliss it affords me to clasp you to my heart & kiss your sweet lips. Just think of the splendid times we have had to-gether. How often I think them all over. Think of that night in Concord, when I had not seen you so long, & when you assured me so strongly that you loved me. What an insane youth I was. I was so wild with love & so doubtful whether you really loved me, & was so rejoiced at any evidence of it.

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How foolish I acted. I was perfectly wild and infatuated. I used to get sick, I thought about you so much & was so insane with love. I think of that night of the fire works about as often as any. I completely melted then. But the best of all was when we were married. My feeling were totally indescribable. Those occasions were about a full of joy as anything on earth can be I know. And that thought that they will be reacted is so delightful. I don’t care how soon. I hope I shall not have business hereafter that will separate me from you. Darling love arent you sure I love you? Remember you must be a model wife to retain such love.

Henry is here & will remain. I cant bear that he should leave especially now that I am away from the Reg’t We mess by ourselves, & enjoy it very much. Several Springfield men called on us to day. Three countra- bands came in this eve from beyond Manassas & brought very important information if correct. I shall send to to McClellan in the morn early

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We shall not remain here long I think. Do you remember that I told some people when at home that McC. would have Centreville in 8 weeks without the loss of a man? I must close & go to bed. I do wish it were with you. It will be a Heaven on earth to me. Good night my own angel wife.

Yr devoted husbandW. G. Veazey