Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Provost Marshalls OfficeCamp Porter Flint Hill VAMarch 13th 1862My Angel Wife

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I have been so busy I could hardly find time to write before. We moved up to this place early Monday morning. Parties have been all through Centreville & Manassas, but we are yet encamped near Fairfax Court House. Have a beautiful place, which with the fine weather makes it an agreeable situation. My duties are rather arduous when we move. I have everything to look after & everybody to protect. If we could remain here a few days I could have everything in good shape but we expect to move again soon. I have been to Fairfax Ct House which is but a mile or two from here to our left. Porters division & General McClellan are there. Smiths Division was reviewed by McC to-day. I believe Smith is the best General about here yet he is tremendously abused. I have had a better opportunity to judge of him sine I have been Marshall I have three deputies, Comis’d officers

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one assistant Coms’d officer, a clerk, & a sergeant, & we are all pretty busy. Have a contraband for a servant – a good one. Have not had a letter from you till to-day since we moved - had three to-day - a lucky day for me. Darling Angel, your letters are splendid & do me so much good. I wish I could be with you to-night & always. Please not to tell me about getting old or talking frills. I dont want anything to disturb my feelings about you. You know my own wife I adore you. There is a report that we are to march to-night or early in the morning. I have a house for my quarters. There is so much going on I cant write. It seems Fremont has a command again, & McC is cut down to the Army of the Potomac. I have no particular objection to either, if the plans are not disturbed by these moves. I am not much of a Fremont man, but want to see him justice, & McC also. Fremont is one of those men that has a great reputation without ever having done anything to merit it. As some said he is a millionaire & not

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worth a dollar. A great orator & never made a speech, a noted warrior & never fought a battle. Where is Capt Ainsworth now? Reckon that Mrs. Gillis will hardly reach me. My health is excellent. There is an appearance of a cold storm, hope we wont start again till it is over. Henry just came in & says the 3rd Reg’t is to start at daylight for somewhere.

Your devoted HusbandW. G. Veazey