Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp Near Harrisons LandingAug’st 12/62My Darling Wife

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We are here yet, expected to leave yesterday, dont know when or where we shall go. Suppose you are in Concord now, & having a good time, I do wish I were with you. Am tired enough of soldiering, it keeps me from you too much. Who is Mr. Gates of Lowell How much interest some of yr gentleman friends takes in me. Please be very careful of those receipts. How is Ben Prescott, remember me to him. Is miss B, the same terrible flirt of old. I hope

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she wont wake up your old habits. Aint you sorry I have such an advantage of you? How many is Miss B. engaged to now? I shall be so glad to live quietly with you my wife. But it will be impossible as we shall have no money & I shall have to get into business for a living. What a worthless set we soldiers shall be when we get home, poor & out of & unfit for employment. We shall be getting up filibustering expeditions. We are eaten up with flies here, they bite through our shoes, I think yr Father will be benefited by those waters

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at Saratoga & come home better, It is tremendous hot weather. My health is quite good, I drink a great deal of wine & brandy for me, & these are well adapted to this climate. My expenses are very large now, but not more than my wages. Everything is enormously high. Henry is well. Am glad to hear that people north are beginning to wake up to the demand of the country. Darling please be a good wife & remember how dearly I love you.

Yr. devoted husbandWheelock