Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp near Fairfax C. H.Dec, 21st 1862My Darling Wife.

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I was going to write to you last night but we have no mail leave on Sunday I am very anxious to hear from you & know how you got home. Was’nt it lonesome that dark morning? I was so sorry to have you go, but I did not dare to have you come out here as everything is so mixed up now, we are liable to move at any time and you could not endure the cold in a tent with safety. It is dreadful cold weather, much more so than last winter. I went back to our room that morn, but it was darker than ever. I thought it was quite a nice room until you left. What a good time we had

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there those two days. My best days in Washington ever or in the army. How dearly I love my own wife. Col. Proctor came in that day expected his wife, but she did not arrive. I think I have such an excellent wife, better than I dared to hope I should get. I hope you will continue as well as you are now and al- ways. But I think you are a little to proud of yr baby. You must be very careful & not do anything that will harm you. What day did you get home? Did Mrs. Adams conclude she had a good time in Washington? I heard that Herman Veazey was killed at Fredericksburg. I want to see you about as much as ever.

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Col. Cummings wife was coming out with the Gov. if we had remained at Camp Vt. Have you received those letters that I wrote after you started to come here? I sent Col. Cummings photograph in one of them. I am feeling nicely since I came back Guess my trip to Washington did me good. How did it affect you? We expect the Gov out here to day. A private just brought me in a large loaf of fruit cake very handsome & very nice indeed. one his mother sent. Kingston is the man’s name from Proctorsvile Vt. probably Capt Atherton knows the people.

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Wish you had a piece of this cake. Shall you allow yr baby to eat cake? What a model baby you swill pretend to have I should laugh to see you training him. How old shall you let him grow before you whip him? This cake looks so handsome I cant write so I guess I will close & go to eating Write some good letters

Yr own husband